08 Jan

You will meet many genuinely kind and friendly people during your travels, this is the joy of travelling and can oftentimes be the highlight of your travel experiences. But when you visit new places say on business class ticket to Orlando, you also have to make sure that you don’t get cheated. So it is wise to know the various ways in which you may be scammed. Take precautions accordingly.

Let’s first have an idea of what are the sorts of frauds that thieves usually resort to-

  • The most common travel scam is the bump (makes it look accidental) and grab (your valuables). This method is most popular in the metros, when the train starts moving.
  • The thief gang will distract you with one of them smearing something on your belongings and another one trying to help you out.
  • Fake officials some ask money in return for your documents you have just handed over to them; sometimes even ask for fine telling you have boarded the wrong compartment.
  • There are bus scams where they make away with your luggage.
  • Counterfeit money scam when the change they give back is fake.

Having understood what the scammers do, we should know what we should/shouldn’t do.

  • Avoid touristy destinations.
  • Don’t entertain conversations, or over-friendly locals.
  • Act confident after taking business class ticket to Adelaide.
  • Avoid over-paying for transport.
  • Before visiting &after booking business class ticket to Auckland, research on the place and the sort of fraud that happens there.
  • Don’t keep all your valuables in one place.
  • Don’t use the tourist money belt. Rather use one which looks like a normal belt but has a zip on the inner-side for keeping money.
  • Avoid looking flashy. Wear what the locals in Bengaluru do after taking business class ticket to Bengaluru.
  • Stay polite and alert.

Be careful.

Source: https://www.diigo.com/item/note/9dup2/thru?k=5bfb1181e0024261d56db8a22d672fa6

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